Notes from meeting with researcher Jordan Ashley (project leader, Hewlett Packard R&D) on March 15th 2017.

Jordan has studied the effects and workings of the Calmspace Pro over a period of about a year.



The Calmspace Pro holds patterns of information. When plugged in, these patterns become active within an oscillator matrix circuit and are propagated over the mains wiring within the building. The principle behind the system is: create the right environment, and the body will remember its natural harmonic state.


The disruption of the movement of energy and information in living systems

Around every living system is found an energy field in the form of a torus – the torsion field. Due to its geometry, there is a constant movement of energy into and out of the centre of that field, via the auric field around the body. That process can be described as transduction, which is the movement of energy from one form to another. In this way it can be said that there is a movement of energy from Spirit into the body, or, stated another way, a dimensional shift of that energy. Environmental stress, and in particular EMF radiated from electrical sources and microwave radiation from wireless technologies, interferes with this transduction process by scrambling the information carried within the energy transferred.


Both the electric and magnetic fields from mains electricity, and the microwave radiation emitted by all wireless communication technologies such as mobile phones, wi-fi and so on, additionally cause direct induction of currents on the surface of the skin where the body’s own extremely sensitive electrical systems operate. Differences of just millivolts are measured between points on this system, yet sources of wireless pollution exert in some cases several volts per metre of electric field across the body (and in the case of electrical wiring within a building, up to hundreds of volts per metre). The induced currents resulting from this are therefore capable of overriding the body’s own signalling mechanisms, and thereby disrupting vital functions.


The four ways in which the Calmspace Pro addresses this problem:

1.Through removal of disruptive frequencies from the live mains supply

  1. through direct interaction with the subtle anatomy of the human body via carbon resonance
  2. through the elimination of polarisation that is not resonant with the body
  3. through the generation of a quantum field of potential to achieve alignment within the auric field and facilitate the generation of new neural pathways within the mind


Removal of high frequency pollution from the mains

The first of these concerns the high frequency pollution of the mains supply, which has steadily become more serious, not least due to the way in which the invertors for the ever-expanding number of solar installations operate, with switching electronics producing their output. Some invertor models even produce a square-wave output, and the high frequencies generated by these systems can travel a mile or more down the grid into all properties, affecting the occupants with a large number of well-documented symptoms. The Calmspace Pro incorporates a high efficiency capacitor filter, which removes the most disruptive band of these frequencies from the live mains by sending them to neutral where they can be dissapated safely to earth.


Carbon resonance

Carbon60 in the form of natural Fullerenes in the Calmspace, is brought into oscillation within the oscillator matrix circuit, and thus is activated. Fractally embedded within that two dimensional oscillation, which the Calmspace unit outputs, is a more complete, multidimensional signature of the crystal, and it is this that enables direct interaction with the subtle anatomy of the human body via resonance. This form of carbon resonance would normally be present through our interaction with the Earth and nature, not least in a forest, but in the modern urban environment it gets obscured or overridden by electromagnetic pollution. When activated the Calmspace Pro makes these natural resonances available again. The result is the direct balancing of the primo vessels (the meridians), permitting harmonious electrical flows which effectively form a natural protective cage around the body.



A further effect observed in the operation of the Calmspace Pro is the production of negative ions (negative ions are known to neutralise free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism, enhance immune function, purify the blood and balance the autonomic nervous system). This occurs through the collision of electromagnetic waves – the electropollution on the one hand and the anti-wave produced by the activated C60 when it meets that electropollution. Carbon60 (in the form of Fullerenes, also known as Buckyballs), changes the polarity of any radiation with which it is incompatible, to that of itself (Buckyballs are bio-crystals as they are carbon based, and as such are bio-compatible, or resonant with life). Once activated in the unit, they achieve this by generating an opposing force, and this effectively creates a shield. By eliminating polarisation that is not resonant with life, the body is allowed to return to its natural harmonic state.


Harmonious alignment within the auric field

It is vital to address not only the human body but the Consciousness which is in action within it. Human Consciousness concerns itself with levels of attention. Attention is directed at something (Consciousness on the other hand is everywhere). Attention gives rise to awareness. And so awareness is Consciousness in action. The promotion of increased awareness comes about through the increased transfer of information through transduction into the body.


Carbon60 described above deals with bio-energy, not with consciousness. That is taken care of by an additional layer of programmed components within the unit which create a realignment within the layers of the subtle human anatomy within the auric field, which sit within the centre of the torsion field around every living system. A harmonious state is vital for increased awareness, and that is achieved when the subtle bodies are aligned with each other.


The matrix within the Calmspace Pro unit uses the Carbon60 output as a carrier wave for these other components. Once again fractal embedding is involved, permitting the generation of a quantum field of potential to facilitate the generation of new neural pathways within the mind. This process in turn awakens – and once awake, strengthens – the transduction process.


Supporting multidimensional awareness

Furthermore, we live in a multidimensional Universe, and within that there should always be a multidimensional movement of energy. A lack of awareness as described above limits the dimensional scope of that movement. Scalar waves are multidimensional containers of information that can hold complex patterning, and act to expand that awareness, and thus become vehicles for multidimensional movement of energy. The matrix circuit within the unit uses the creation of a multitude of vorteces, to activate the patterns held by the unit in the form of scalar waves. A vortex is an energy transformation from one dimension to another via resonance, and it is through this that the Calmspace Pro is able to create and hold a space for growth.