Question: Only buying one unit? Frage: Nur ein Gerät kaufen?

Is it useful to only buy one unit for a bedroom to help with brain fog and wifi sensitivity? Ist es sinnvoll, nur ein Gerät fürs Schlafzimmer zu kaufen gegen Gehirnnebel und Wi-fi Sensitivität?


Answer to: Only buying one unit? Antwort zu: Nur ein Gerät kaufen?

Even one unit will make a measurable difference in dealing with brain fog and wifi sensitivity. Selbst nur ein Gerät wird einen messbaren Unterschied machen im Umgang mit Gehirnnebel und Wi-fi Sensitivität.

Having said that, we always recommend at least 2 units, as they create a field between them that massively enhances the positive effects of the Calmspace Pro. Nichtsdestotrotz empfehlen wir immer zwei Geräte zu benutzen, da sie ein Feld zwischen sich bilden, dass stark die positiven Effekte des Calmspace Pro hervorruft.


Question: Scalar waves? Frage:Skalarwellen?

Could you explain how the Calmspace Pro works? Does it work on scalar waves? Wie funktioniert das Calmspace Pro? Benutzt es Skalarwellen?


Answer to: Scalar waves? Antwort zu: Skalarwellen

You are correct that one function of the device is to generate scalar waves. Sie denken zu Recht, dass es eine Funktion des Geräts ist, Skalarwellen zu erzeugen.

However it is the method of generation that is unique. These are not generic scalar waves (which can cause harm just as easily as good): they are created by activating natural crystallised Carbon60 via the generation of a vortex. Allerdings ist die Methode der Erzeugung einzigartig. Diese sind keine typischen Skalarwellen (die genauso gut Schaden bringen können wie Nutzen): sie werden erzeugt durch Aktivierung von natürlichem kristallisierten Carbon60 durch die Erschaffung eines Vortex.

This produces healing scalar waves which carry a wealth of information and set up a field of potential with which the human body has a great natural affinity. Dies erzeugt heilende Skalarwellen, welche Informationsträger sind und ein Potentialfeld bilden mit welchem der menschliche Körper eine natürliche Affinität hat.

The same module that does this, also amplifies within its scalar output fractally-embedded natural informational patterns that again provide the body with reference points with which it has great affinity. Dasselbe Modul verstärkt innerhalb seines skalaren Outputs fraktal eingebettete natürliche Informationsmuster, die wiederum den Körper mit Bezugspunken versehen mit dem er beträchtliche Affinität hat.

The resulting field has further properties of its own due to the nature of the material being used to generate it – some of these properties still require further investigation. Das entstehende Feld hat weitere eigene Eigenschaften dank des benuzten Materials – manche dieser Eigenschaftenmüssen noch weiter erforscht werden.

A further function of the device is the removal of stress-inducing high frequencies riding on the live mains electricity grid. Eine weitere Funktion des Geräts ist die Beseitigung von stresserzeugenden hohen Frequenzen, die im aktiven Elekrizitätsnetz sitzen.

This is through simple electrical engineering (a capacitor filter circuit) but its effect is tangible, and it enables the scalar module described above to function cleanly. Dies ergibt sich durch einfache Elektrotechnik (ein Kondensatorenfilterkreislauf), aber die Effekte sind greifbar und er ermöglicht eine fehlerfreie Funktion des oben beschriebenen Skalarmoduls.

Question: One unit per room?

I’m living in a flat – your product is for a house. There are 3 modules. Do I need to install 1 modul each room?


Answer to: One unit per room?

In all the flats we have tried the system in we have preferred it when we had three units plugged in.

We think it is because often there are neighbours above or below adding to the pollution, and therefore increasing environmental stress. It’s possible to use just two in a flat or apartment. As soon as you have more than one unit the field can spread and cover an area as opposed to remaining quite localised.

This has to do with the way that the Calmspace Pro units also filter the mains electrical power, providing a clean path for the signals that need to travel along the mains wiring.

It’s not as logical though as needing one unit per room. It’s above all about placing them where you most spend your time.

The important thing to understand is that it is working to strengthen your own biofield to the point that you are able to resist the radiation yourself. So the places to locate the units are those that will allow you to be able to tune into the natural fields that the system is bringing into your space, rather than into the artificial radiation.


Question: 24 hours usage? Frage: Benutzung rund um die Uhr?

Can the Calmspace Pro units work the whole day or is it only for the night? Kann das Calmspace Pro den ganzen Tag lang benutzt werden oder nur nachts?


Answer to: 24 hours usage? Antwort zu: Benutzung rund um die Uhr?

The idea is to leave the system on day and night, 24/7. Das Gerät sollte den ganzen Tag lang in Betrieb sein.

It is designed to run that way. Es ist so konzipiert.

Not that it’s a problem to switch them on and off – and the effects become tangible within a few seconds of switching on. Es schadet nicht, sie an und aus zu schalten – und die Effekte sind innerhalb weniger Sekunden nach dem Einschalten bemerkbar.

However there’s really no reason to switch them off during the day. Jedoch gibt es keinen Grund, sie tagsüber auszuschalten.

Maybe before going away for an extended period, so as to prolong the life of the unit. Man könnte es ausschalten, wenn man auf längerer Dauer ausser Haus ist, um die Lebenszeit des Geräts zu verlängern.


Question: Affecting electrical devices?

Are all electrical devices working when the modules are ‘on’?


Answer to: Affecting electrical devices?

The devices will not prevent anything from working within your home.

In fact the fact that it filters high frequency pollution out of the live mains means that electrical items, computers etc. should function better if anything due to reduced interference.


Question: Different plugs for different countries?

Can I take my Calmspace Pro abroad and use it with a plug adapter?


Answer to: Different plugs for different countries?

When ordering the new units, you now have the choice to order different leads you can use for different countries.

For the older unit, you can use an adapter, but will have to experiment as to which way round you plug it in. It should be easy to figure out the correct way by simply noticing the effects of the Calmspace Pro unit.


Question: Protecting against electrosmog when traveling?

Would you recommend using the Calmspace Pro when on the train or in hotel rooms?


Answer to: Protecting against electrosmog when traveling?

We certainly notice a big difference plugging in just one close to where we are – whether it be in a train compartment, near a desk/workstation or even in a cafe near where we are sitting.

In hotel rooms, we tend to use two: the reason being that the mains power is generally very polluted, and the two units work together, for example one each side of the hotel room, filtering the power in the circuits that run around the room, and permitting the natural fields the unit is producing to cover the entire space.


Question: I am interested in distributing the Calmspace Pro.

Do you accept resellers? How can I become a distributor for the Calmspace Pro?


Answer to: I am interested in distributing the Calmspace Pro

We are very happy to work with resellers. Please use the contact form to send us your details. We tend to find that a chat in person or via the phone is an excellent way to find out how we can work together.

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